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Glebe’s local business association – the Glebe Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce can help you take your business to the next level, navigate legislation, or simply introduce you to your new business partner.

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Do you want to ensure your interests are being represented in Glebe community decisions?

Join the Chamber, and we will advocate for you at the City of Sydney, as well as with the State Government and other key stakeholder groups. Our focus is set by members, who have priority access to the events and programs that we run in Glebe. We provide access to a range of services and networks that can add value to your business.


Find out how we can help your business attract more customers and help our neighbourhoods recover.

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Stay up to date with events, news and offers from your local businesses and be part of the recovery of Glebe.

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The Glebe Chamber of Commerce has been advocating for businesses since 1984.

We’ve organised street fairs, dining walks, outdoor cinemas, networking nights and more. We’ve commissioned studies to find out what makes our streets tick.
Throughout it all, we’ve been a strong advocate for local businesses, liaising with state and local government to run programs that put Glebe businesses first.